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About the "Oh Brother" brothers

At 10 years Trace Burroughs (purple shirt) was the biggest winner on two television game shows, "Video Village" and "Make a Face." At 15, he became a prolific abstract artist with many one man shows, selling over 300 paintings. At ages 23 and 25 broke the Guinness World Records for marathon drum soloing, and is in the 1975 and 1978 Guinness Books, which resulted in national press coverage, an interview by David Frost and an appearance on To Tell the Truth. Many media stunts followed: A drum solo in Rockefeller Center; world's largest T-shirt (50 x 32 feet); Howard Stern's Most Outrageous Stunt contest with the world's largest pair of woman's panties (50 x 32 feet); and with a 10 foot wide sling shot propelled roasted chickens across a Manhattan street on the Mark L. Wahlberg show. Trace was a voiceover announcer on Nickelodeon and wrote for several shows. He is the author of 6 brick & mortar published books, one of which was featured on Regis and Kathie Lee, and two other network shows. In the 90's he wrote and produced animation for Howard Stern's television show, Margaret Cho, Rita Rudner, Showtime and HBO. Currently he is exhibiting art and writes music in different genres. Instagram.com/TraceBurroughsArt, Instagram.com/TraceBurroughsSongwriter and TraceBurroughsMusic.com

A lifelong resident of Westport, CT, Miggs Burroughs (flowered shirt) graduated from Staples High School, and Carnegie Mellon’s drama department in Pittsburgh, PA. After graduation his first and last theatrical experience was a failed audition for the part of Benjamin in the movie "The Graduate", so he turned to art. Sales of his early Pop Art prints and paintings led to him being commissioned, at age 26, to design a U.S. Postage Stamp, and four covers for Time Magazine during the Watergate era, including Richard Nixon's resignation cover. A full-time graphic artist since 1972, Miggs has designed hundreds of logos, print material and websites for commercial and non-profit clients alike, and was asked to create the first official flag for his hometown's 150 birthday. An Easter egg he designed for the Reagan White House Easter Egg Roll now resides in the Smithsonian. From 1985 to 2005 Miggs produced and hosted "Miggs B on TV", a popular cable TV show in Southern Connecticut, with guests as diverse as Penthouse Pets and Rush Limbaugh. More recently, his arresting lenticular art has garnered awards, commissions and a place in Westport's Permanent Art Collection, as well as a permanent 30 piece installation at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, NY. His work can be seen at www.miggsblenticular.com