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I enjoy your snow and the Westport links. You should interview Paul and Sasha from the comedy, episodic, serial podcast "Community News with Paul and Sasha". It's a show that takes place in Westport, but they call it Townport I think you and your listeners would enjoy it and I would love to hear you interview them or you on their show. They are now rated in the top 1 percent of all over 3 million podcasts globally. Worth checking out.

Lovely voice!!!!

Unexpected surprise to hear Eric Clapton's daughter Ruth sing Ring of Fire. She's very good. Could be a star like her dad someday.

Wow!! it's a great shiw!!

Who knew Marsha Mason was also a race car driver.


Who knew Marsha Mason was also a race car driver.

Hamster Whisperer?

The Animal Muse episode was wild. Can she communicate with crickets and worms?....Seriously my dog died last year. Sometimes I can feel his presence.

Fun stuff!

Great questions


The Barry Katz was a lot of fun. Loved the improv song at the end!

Wonderful podcast

Great podcast to listen to!

fun and funky

A full 30 minutes and then some.

Oh Brother, N.A.P: Shel Talmy

Awesome! What an exciting interview, thank you!! … I would, however, like to hear more about Miggs in jail in London! :-O